12 Week Transformation Program

The Ultimate Comprehensive Plan To Get You Feeling And Looking Like A Million Bucks!

  • Coaching

    Coaching to keep you on track. You will never be alone in this journey! We will make sure you stay on track and that you rock ALL of your health & fitness goals.

  • Customized Nutrition

    A customized Macronutrient Blueprint so you start burning fat IMMEDIATELY. We provide you with everything you need, including sample meal plans & prep guides.

  • Tailored Fitness

    Workouts tailored to your goals and fitness levels. You will have your own exercise app, with instructional videos for each exercise in your training program.

A Better Way to Getting Fit & Toned

No fads. No gimmicks. No BS.

Let's face it, it's harder to lose the weight AND keep it off when you're over 40.

The struggle is real, I know it, hell I'm over 40 myself.

But, there is a solution.

A better way to getting fit, healthy and toned.

However, it's not by:

  • Tons of cardio
  • Loads of time spent in the gym
  • Being hungry 24/7
  • Yet, this is what a lot of women think will work.

    And, for good reason. It's what might have worked when they were younger, or what they have been lead to believe.

    But, here's the truth:

  • Cardio is the least effective way to lose fat when over 40.
  • You don't need a lot of equipment, or even join a gym, to get fit.
  • And starving yourself will only stall your metabolism, set yourself up for binging and put you generally in a bad mood.
  • Instead, you want to weight train, to increase your lean muscle tissue and make you a better fat burning machine, and eat the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats to keep you satisfied and fuelled.

    My 12 Week Transformation Program will get you set up on a fitness program you can do at home, with a nutrition plan you can stick with, plus monthly coaching calls to keep you motivated and accountable.

    Book your complimentary 30-minute video consultation and let's chat about your health and how you can get fit, healthy and fierce!

    How to book your consultation:

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    Yep, it’s that simple.

    How to book your consultation:

    The program

    12 Week Transformation Program

    • Your fitness program will be written from scratch to your unique goals, exercise experience and circumstances. We have removed wasted effort and guesswork from your exercise regime.

    • Your program, exercise video library, and support desk will be accessible on any device, wherever you are.

    • An eating plan that matches real life. One that can be followed everyday... including weekends and when you travel.

    • Each day’s caloric intake and macronutrient split will reflect your unique body type and weight loss goals.

    • Monthly video coaching calls to keep you motivated and on track.

    12 Weeks To Fit, Healthy & Fierce

    Let's do this!

    I'm ready!


    • Not everyone who inquires about the program is accepted.

      Due to the highly individualized nature of this program we simply cannot accept every woman who inquires.

      Instead, we look at where you are with your readiness to change and your ability to commit for the 12 weeks.

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    The program

    • 01
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      • Welcome
      • THE PLAN! The 12 Week Transformation Program
      • Do this now!
      • Intro to the Eating Plan
      • Intro to the Eat Plan
      • Fitness Assessment
      • Before we begin...
      • Scheduling Your FIRST Coaching Appointment
      • Contact Us
      • Scheduling Your Monthly Coaching Appointments
    • 02
      Week 1
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      • Week 1 Goal & Tip
      • Meal Prep Guide
      • Set Your Goals
      • Weekly Check In Form
      • How to Prep Like a Boss
    • 03
      Week 2
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      • Week 2 Goal & Tip
      • Weekly Check In
    • 04
      Week 3
      Show details
      • Week 3 Goal & Tip
      • Nighttime Snacking
      • Weekly Check In
    • 05
      Week 4
      Show details
      • Week 4 Goal & Tip
      • Creating the Right Mindset
      • 10 Best Meditation Apps
      • Weekly Check In
    • 06
      Week 5
      Show details
      • Week 5 Goal & Tip
      • Tips to a Better Night's Sleep
      • Weekly Check In
    • 07
      Week 6
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      • Week 6 Goal & Tip
      • Move More Challenge
      • Weekly Check In
    • 08
      Week 7
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      • Week 7 Goal & Tip
      • Weekly Check In
      • Recipes to Help You Eat Your Veggies
    • 09
      Week 8
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      • Week 8 Goal & Tip
      • How to Hit Your Protein Macro
      • Weekly Check In
    • 10
      Week 9
      Show details
      • Week 9 Goal & Tip
      • How to Hit Your Fat Macro
      • Weekly Check In
    • 11
      Week 10
      Show details
      • Week 10 Goal & Tip
      • Alcohol Alternatives
      • Weekly Check In
    • 12
      Week 11
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      • Week 11 Goal & Tip
      • How to Start Working Out in the Morning
      • Weekly Check In
    • 13
      Week 12
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      • Week 12 Goal & Tip
      • Weekly Check In