The program

12 Week Transformation Program

  • 3 months of home workouts programmed (value: $49)

  • Personalized macro blueprint of what you should be eating to see the best results (value: $99)

  • One-on-one coaching appt to set you up for success (value: $150)

  • Meal prep tips + recipes (value: $99)

  • Member's portal with tips and tools to help you kick ass (value: $99)

  • 24/7 online support (value: $120)

  • Private Facebook group (value: $99/month)

12 Weeks To Fit, Healthy & Fierce

Let's do this!

I'm ready!

12 Week Transformation Program

The Ultimate Comprehensive Plan To Get You Feeling And Looking Like A Million Bucks!

  • Workouts

    Save yourself the money, the time and the effort it takes to join a gym. The workouts in this program can be done at home, in under 45 minutes, using a minimum amount of tools.

  • Customized Nutrition

    A customized Macronutrient Blueprint so you start burning fat IMMEDIATELY. I provide you with everything you need, including sample meal plans & prep guides.

  • Accountability

    Get access to our private Facebook page for daily accountability, as well as weekly emails, coaching and tips. You are never alone in this journey!

A Better Way to Getting Fit & Toned

No fads. No gimmicks. No BS.

Let's face it, it's harder to lose the weight AND keep it off when you're over 40.

The struggle is real, I know it, hell I'm over 40 myself.

But, there is a solution.

A better way to getting fit, healthy and toned.

However, it's not by:

  • Tons of cardio
  • Loads of time spent in the gym
  • Being hungry 24/7
  • Yet, this is what a lot of women think will work.

    And, for good reason. It's what might have worked when they were younger, or what they have been lead to believe.

    But, here's the truth:

  • Cardio is the least effective way to lose fat when over 40.
  • You don't need a lot of equipment, or even join a gym, to get fit.
  • And starving yourself will only stall your metabolism, set yourself up for binging and put you generally in a bad mood.
  • Instead, you want to weight train, to increase your lean muscle tissue and make you a better fat burning machine, and eat the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats to keep you satisfied and fuelled.

    My 12 Week Transformation Program will get you set up on a fitness program you can do at home, with a nutrition plan you can stick with, plus a community to keep you motivated and accountable.

    Rock your next 12 weeks!!

    12 Week Transformation - the missing piece of your Fitness and Nutrition puzzle.

    Sick of fads? Want to see lifetime results?

    12 Week Transformation - the missing piece of your Fitness and Nutrition puzzle.

    12 Week Transformation Program

    A lifestyle plan

    Bonus material (cause more is better)

    Join before January 9th

    • The Ultimate Home Workouts

      Receive my "25 Best Bodyweight Workouts" e-book. Use this for those times you don't have wifi access and gotta go old school with your tech.

    • 10 Tricks to Boost Your Metabolism

      Fast track yourself to success by adding these tricks with the nutrition and fitness plan you will will receive in the 12 Week Transformation program.

    • How to Slow the Aging Process

      Slow the aging process naturally with nutrition and fitness. Also included in this ebook my "12 Tips to Make Exercise a Habit".

    Where do you want to be in 12 weeks?

    Start something your future self will high-five ya for!

    Most people fail with their nutrition and fitness because of 2 things: A lack of consistency or a lack of knowledge.

    With this program, I solve both of those problems.

    Here, you'll get personal attention, a community to support you and the know-how to rock your goals.

    happy clients

    “I never liked working out. I was always too tired by the end of the day for anything but relaxing on the couch. After many years of this lifestyle, I saw an ad for the 12 Week Transformation Program. The program aligned with my belief that weight loss and fitness involves a combination of healthy eating and regular physical activity. Eating healthily came naturally to me; however, I never realized the importance of protein on weight loss and building muscle, and the significance of logging my daily food intake. PJ helped me to ease into workouts, offering modifications that match various levels and abilities. The workouts are more enjoyable than I had ever imagined. Before I realized it, I was looking and feeling so much better, shedding 30 pounds in 12 weeks!”

    Age: 60

    Willa E

    “I joined this program to help me regain my fitness and drop inches after a busy summer. 12 weeks later my life has truly been transformed! The nutrition program has been easy to follow, the targets are clear and the program includes lots of tips to give you the flexibility you need to pick the proteins, carbs and fats that you like most. I struggled with weight fluctuation over the past 18 months and I was prepared to settle for just losing a few inches and improving my fitness a little bit. To my great surprise, I lost over 10 lbs, inches from my waist and hips, and my fitness has never been better! I also achieved this without feeling hungry and without feeling that I am sacrificing my lifestyle. ”

    Age: 49

    Laura S

    “I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to make a change in their fitness and nutrition, but are unsure where to start. PJ created a personalized nutrition plan, made adjustments as required (to support the goals that I set), and I found the workouts perfect for my level of fitness.... and added bonus, I could do at home! The plan is super easy to follow and the weekly emails she suggests you send kept me accountable. I have achieved AWESOME results - I am stronger, leaner and have more energy! I also know I will be able to continue eating and working out like this. This plan is that easy. But, if I do slip up, I also know what to do get going again, as well as access to the whole program to keep me motivated. ”

    Age: 42

    Tova S

    The program

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      • Welcome
      • THE PLAN! Download now!
      • Intro to the Eating Plan
      • Intro to the Eat Plan
      • Fitness Assessment
      • Before we begin...
      • Scheduling Your Coaching Call
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      How To Use the Lose It App
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      • Quick Lose It App Tutorial
    • 03
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      • Thanks!
      • The Ultimate Home Workouts
      • 10 Tricks to Boost Your Metabolism
      • Aging Young
    • 04
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      • Almond Butter Chia Seed Overnight Oats
      • Mediterranean Low Carb Egg Muffins with Ham
      • PJ's Egg Muffins
      • Pumpkin Protein Mug Cake
      • 6-Ingredient Protein Bars
      • Slow Cooker Turkey Chili
      • Southwest Turkey Cups
      • Mexican Zucchini Lasagna
      • Spiralized Zucchini Casserole with Red Peppers, Spinach & Artichokes
      • Low Carb Healthy Taco Bowls
    • 05
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      • 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION WEBINAR - talking points
      • Kick Off Webinar
    • 06
      Week 1
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      • Week 1 Workouts
      • Week 1 Goal & Tip
      • Meal Prep Guide
      • Set Your Goals
      • Weekly Check In Form
      • How to Prep Like a Boss
    • 07
      Week 2
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      • Week 2 Workouts
      • Week 2 Goal & Tip
      • Weekly Check In
    • 08
      Week 3
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      • Week 3 Workouts
      • Week 3 Goal & Tip
      • Nighttime Snacking
      • Weekly Check In
    • 09
      Week 4
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      • Week 4 Workouts
      • Week 4 Goal & Tip
      • Creating the Right Mindset
      • 10 Best Meditation Apps
      • Weekly Check In
    • 10
      Week 5
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      • Week 5 Workouts
      • Week 5 Goal & Tip
      • Tips to a Better Night's Sleep
      • Weekly Check In
    • 11
      Week 6
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      • Week 6 Workouts
      • Week 6 Goal & Tip
      • Move More Challenge
      • Weekly Check In
    • 12
      Week 7
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      • Week 7 Workouts
      • Week 7 Goal & Tip
      • Weekly Check In
      • Recipes to Help You Eat Your Veggies
    • 13
      Week 8
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      • Week 8 Workouts
      • Week 8 Goal & Tip
      • How to Hit Your Protein Macro
      • Weekly Check In
    • 14
      Week 9
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      • Week 9 Workouts
      • Week 9 Goal & Tip
      • How to Hit Your Fat Macro
      • Weekly Check In
    • 15
      Week 10
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      • Week 10 Workouts
      • Week 10 Goal & Tip
      • Alcohol Alternatives
      • Weekly Check In
    • 16
      Week 11
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      • Week 11 Workouts
      • Week 11 Goal & Tip
      • How to Start Working Out in the Morning
      • Weekly Check In
    • 17
      Week 12
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      • Week 12 Workouts
      • Week 12 Goal & Tip
      • Weekly Check In

    12 Week Transformation Program

    Together we can do this!